Disney Is Not Risking Anything With the New Star Wars Movie 

The newest installment of the Lego Star Wars franchise was announced only a few days ago at this years E3. The Skywalker Saga will comprise of all previous Lego Star Wars games as well as the new one that will be Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. The player will have the ability to play chronologically all the way from the Phantom Menace. Or to play them in whichever order they like. Starting of course from the beginning of each episode.

LEGO Star Wars


This game has been under development for a while now. Some media were given a sneak peek at a demo at E3. The game appears to be coming alone but it still has a way to go. It won’t be released until sometime in 2020.

However, there is very little content of the newest Star Wars movie in the game as of now. Comments from the development team are varied between saying there is some content to none at all. Disney is not going to hand out information concerning a flagship franchise like Star Wars so easily.

Leaks about big games, movies, and TV shows are commonplace nowadays. Too many people have access to them and those people have incredibly easy access to a means to spread information. For instance, Game of Thrones final season was leaked before the show had finished. And this was despite their best efforts to conceal the shows true ending. There were multiple endings shot as a way to stop that very thing from happening, and the ending was leaked regardless.


It would obviously be in Disneys best interest to divulge as little information as possible to anyone as a way to avoid details getting out to the public. But then again the internet is a hard thing to stop.