Life is Strange 2 Episode 01 – Roads Video Review

Bringing the beloved world of Life is Strange into a bold new direction with wholly new characters and story is no easy feat, but Dontnod’s first episode of the new run promises a bright new future. Sean and Daniel Diaz’s exodus from Seattle is accompanied by a strong story and resonant writing that’s only highlighted by the graphics and story. For more details about what works in this new entry in the Life is Strange canon, check out the Life is Strange 2 video below.

The evolution of the Life is Strange 2 franchise might have been a bumpy one (here’s looking at you, Before the Storm), but it’s clearly onward and upward in terms of the mechanics and polish of the game itself. What was before a pretty, if somewhat rough game is now beautiful to play, and the world of Daniel and Sean is a compelling, if painful, one to inhabit. But most importantly, it’s fun to play, and one can expect to know out the next chapters in one sitting, because you just won’t want to put down the controller.

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Episode 01 might have been released, but ther’es more to come. For more information, check out the Life is Strange 2 official website.