Life is Strange 2’s Second Episode Receives a New Patch

Life is Strange 2 Episode 2’s latest patch received a lengthy set of patch notes on Friday that detailed which gameplay & visual issues this new patch aims to fix.

Life is Strange 2

This patch is available for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One and, according to the patch notes, it appears that it’ll apply many of the same fixes to all those platforms.

If you’re interested in buying the second episode then you should read our review beforehand. However, it should be mentioned that this episode currently can’t be purchased individually and it must be bought with the next three episodes in the series.

Life is Strange 2

“Episode 2 might be a slower entry in the episodic series, but it gave me enough meaningful content and satisfying gameplay to enjoy playing throughout,” the review’s author wrote.

“Life is Strange 2 isn’t about Daniel’s telekinesis,” the reviewer continued. “It’s about the relationship between Sean and Daniel, two brothers who’ve been torn from their normal lives by unforeseeable circumstances. While the supernatural enhances the story, it never drives the emotional connections. As before, I look forward to that wonderful nerve-wracking experience of learning what terrible and joyous things will happen to the brothers next.”


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