The Next Life Is Strange 2 Episode Is Only a Few Weeks Away From Launch

The second episode of Life Is Strange 2, subtitled “Rules”, is slated to come out on January 24, 2019. This upcoming episode will feature the game’s protagonist, Sean, and his little brother, Daniel, along with Chris, the protagonist of the prequel game The Adventures of Captain Spirit.

With a sick Daniel in tow and police at their heels, Sean decides that’ll they’ll have to take shelter in the home of their grandparents in the fictional Oregon town of Beaver Creek. There they encounter Chris and become familiar with his titular superhero identity, Captain Spirit.

Daniel and Chris quickly become friends but Sean has to make sure that Daniel doesn’t draw any attention so he tells his little brother to not use his telekinetic powers in public and flee from any danger.

Life is Strange 2

Hopefully, this next episode will meet the high bar set by the first episode of Life Is Strange 2. Our review gave that episode a pretty high score and praised it for having “strong, impactful storytelling”.

“Overall, Life is Strange 2 was not only better than I expected, but I believe it would have been a hit even if no one had ever heard of the first game,” the reviewer wrote. “It was beautiful, with the mechanics all improved on the original and the choices more meaningful than ever.”


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Life Is Strange 2 Episode 2 Releasing on January 24th