Graphical Issues for All Platforms As Well

Life is Strange: True Colors is now officially confirmed to be capped at 30 FPS on all consoles, including the latest next-gen Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles.  This is especially surprising considering the graphical power of next-gen consoles, coupled with the fact that Life is Strange: True Colors isn’t exactly a graphically intensive game. 

Life Is Strange: True Colors

Deck Nine quickly released a statement in response to the framerate rumors: “​​Regarding framerate: Life is Strange: True Colors was designed to be a cinematic, performance-driven narrative adventure. Capping at 30fps allowed us to target higher cinematic fidelity on every platform.”

Although the game developers cited capping framerate on other platforms as a “cinematic” experience, the FPS remains uncapped on PC.  In addition, some players reported a choppy framerate in-game and possible issues with the ray-tracing.  This is not the only acknowledged bug – the game developers have also confirmed that there are some entitlement issues with the Ultimate Edition on PS5.

Life is Strange: True Colors was released two days ago with a rocky start, so the developers have already released some updates on how they are going to approach the graphical issues in the coming weeks.  In the first week, a patch will be released to fix the ray-tracing on next-gen consoles and PC.  In the second week, graphical performance issues will be fixed for next-gen consoles.  In both patches, some minor graphical issues on the PC will be patched as well.

It is unclear whether the framerate will be uncapped for next-gen consoles once this fix occurs. Deck Nine has not revised their original statement of maintaining their 30 fps cap for a cinematic experience, nor have they released an updated statement with an intent to uncap the fps.

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Life is Strange True Colors Capped at 30 FPS for Next-Gen Consoles