Big Idea in Little Town

For all you big city gamers, Little Town Hero is an indie RPG developed and published by Game Freak. It follows the story of Ax, a young boy who dreams of being a hero. His dream becomes reality when his village is attacked by monsters. This call to action sets him out on an adventure where he uses his own ideas as attacks. Little Town Hero came out in October 2019, but now it is getting a special collector’s release called Little Town Hero Big Idea Edition, which comes with a bunch of cool stuff.

Little Town Hero Big Idea Edition

There is no new content that comes with the Big Idea Edition, but comes with physical items. It’s the kind of stuff you would expect from a special edition of an indie game; a “Life in the Village” art book, an “Izzit? Dazzit?” poster, the “Town Tunes” official soundtrack on CD, and a “Defender Duo” lapel pin set, all in a collector’s box along with a physical copy of the game. A bundle like this would normally cost upwards of $70, but the Big Idea Edition only costs $50 USD on NIS America.


NIS America says that they are between 76% and 100% in stock, so if you are looking to check out Little Town Hero, it might be worth you time and money to pick up this collector’s item. Little Town Hero is out now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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Source: NIS America

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Little Town Hero Big Idea Edition Is Coming out in the Spring