Put On a Luchador Mask and Fight the Forces of Evil Once More!

The release date for Guacamelee! 2, an action-platformer, was revealed on Tuesday and it’s August 21st. Also, it’ll cost $19.99 on the PC & PS4. A short trailer that announced the date can be viewed below.

Here’s the premise of the game, per the trailer’s YouTube description: “Seven years after defeating Carlos Calaca, Juan Aguacate is forced to don his luchador mask again to face a new threat – this time to the very fabric of space and time. Punch your way through a whole new Metroid-vania style world and try to save the Mexiverse!”

Guacamelee! 2

According to its Steam page, Guacamelee! 2 will have four-player co-op, new wrestling moves and a new upgrade system that involves finding “trainers” and completing their challenges in order to develop movement & combat abilities.

There will also be twice as many enemy types as there were in the first Guacamelee! game and a roster of new bosses.


We loved the first game and gave it a glowing review back in 2013. Here’s hoping that the sequel really improves on the original and blows us away.

What did you think of the trailer and the gameplay that’s been shown so far? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!