LucidSound’s Stellar 2019 Lineup from E3

Hoping online to your favorite game with your friends is a fundamental necessity of the modern video game. Whether you are part of an efficient and powerful squad looking to take on the world or sneaking through the wild as you glide your blade gently across the throat of your enemy, one of the most important aspects of a game is the ability to hear the digital world around you. Games have an incredible depth in their audio, letting you hear when an enemy is close, when an alarm is active, and so many other key markers to set your hair on end and your heart racing. LucidSound has proven once again their capacity for premium quality headsets in both design and audio. They’ve added some breathtaking and incredibly affordable headsets this year as well as some huge announcements you can learn all about below.



Designed with simple elegance, this chat gaming headset built with models for both Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 is incredibly lightweight with a built in noise-cancelling boom mic, a plush and comfortable earcup, as well as a unique vented design that allows for full audio reception from the TV or surround sound while still being deeply engaged with the squad. Putting it on, I easily forgot I was even wearing it as it sat firmly in place without any unnecessary tension adding pressure to my head. It is not only incredibly affordable but it simply is a must have for squad gamers of all ages.



LS10X / LS10P

A powerful upgrade over the LS1 model, the LS10 also features both an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 model as well as LucidSound’s unique and slick audio controls, featuring easy to reach volume wheels over each ear, as well as large mute buttons for game and mic audio without being cumbersome to find. The lightweight frame returns with high quality materials and design which make it a great accessory for using with other devices. It also features not only the boom mic, but when removed it activates an integrated mic which is perfect for use with mobile devices. The audio output is crystal clear with a very high volume threshold and no audio tearing or distortion of any kind; in fact the Xbox One model is designed to work with Windows Sonic Surround. If you plan to plug away some serious hours in a dungeon or grinding for loot, this set is not only modest and reasonably priced, but it also shows no signs of uncomfortable tension and has plenty of flexibility for bigger heads.


LS35X in Rose Gold

Now the LS35X has been on the market for some time and it has proven itself to be one of the top wireless gaming headsets officially licensed for Xbox One, often garnering quite high ratings for its design, comfort, impeccable quality, and its many fantastic features like ultra-plush gel-cooled earcups, cable free, dock free connection to the Xbox One, and again LucidSound’s intuitive and elegant audio control design that blends the fine-tuned audio controls into the sleek model for easy-access, as well as featuring the dual-mic system mentioned above with removable boom mic and integrated mic for other devices. This headset which has become the staple in quality for Xbox One gamers is now available in the much sought after Rose Gold model.

lucidsound rose gold



LS50X / LS50P

Just announced today is the newest addition to LucidSound’s impressive catalog of headsets is the LS50 model; quite possibly the most advanced gaming headset I have seen anywhere. Of course this model also includes their innovative audio control scheme and dual mic system, this wireless headset charges with a USB-C cord and carries an impressive 20 hour charge. The earcups have an ultra-plush design even more comfortable than the LS35X and also carries the gel-cooled coating to allow for hours of gameplay. In fact, even before putting it on it almost felt cool to the touch. The audio output carries incredible bass and phenomenal control with high volume levels maintaining crisp quality with no tearing or audio distortion. What else could make this impressive unit even greater? How about full bluetooth connective capability? Holding in one of the easily accessible buttons will activate and deactivate bluetooth. Removing the boom mic and automatically triggering the integrated mic – of which both carry noise and echo cancelling tech – means you are set and ready to take this wireless gem with you for all of your bluetooth enabled devices.

Lucidsound LS50

And finally…


Announced by none other than Snoop Dogg himself, You’ll be able to order the special limited edition LS50 Snoop Dogg headset with a crisp white paint job and the slick logo of the man himself.



Some pretty huge announcements from LucidSound for E3 2019! Are you planning on picking up any of these new headsets? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or the Comments section below, and as always keep it locked on COGconnected for all your E3 coverage.