This Madden 19 Prediction Might Make Some Patriots Fans Upset

A simulated Super Bowl 53 Madden NFL 19 matchup had the Los Angeles Rams defeating the New England Patriots with a game score of 30-27, EA Sports announced on Monday.

The winner of the Super Bowl MVP award turned out to be Rams player Aaron Donald, who managed to get four sacks in the simulated match. Meanwhile, Rams quarterback Jared Goff threw for 303 yards, scored two touchdowns, and got a pass intercepted once while Patriots quarterback Tom Brady threw for 287 yards and posted the same stat line for touchdowns & interceptions.

Now, if you’re a Patriots fan then this prediction shouldn’t concern you that much. After all, EA Sports ran simulated Super Bowl 52 matchup last year in Madden NFL 18 between the Patriots & the Philadelphia Eagles and that simulation resulted in the Patriots winning. Of course, in the real-life Super Bowl 52, the Eagles prevailed and won their first championship in decades.

Basically, what we’re saying is this: Madden NFL match simulations can be wrong!


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Source: Press release