The Developer Had Worked for Blizzard in the Past

The senior producer of EA’s Madden series has been fired after violating the company’s global code of conduct and workplace policy, announced EA on Tuesday.

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“Due to behavior that is against EA policies, including our Global Code of Conduct & Respectful Workplace policy, Carlos Guerrero is no longer with EA,” read a statement from EA. They also declined to comment on the situation any further.

Guerrero was picked for the role back in May and now an EA executive named Roy Harvey has been named as the executive producer for the series until another person can be hired for the senior producer job.

According to Guerrero’s LinkedIn profile, he previously worked at Blizzard for over a decade before joining EA in August 2017.


This recent firing will likely not have any noticeable or significant effect on the upcoming Madden 19 but Guerrero’s absence could affect the future entries of the series.

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