Madden NFL Overdrive is Available Now

Football season has kicked-off and now is the perfect time to join over 70M+ players and drop into Madden NFL Overdrive, the most significant update to Madden Mobile in franchise history. With the just-launched update, Madden NFL Overdrive will transform the way you experience football on iOS and Android. We recently previewed the game and were blown away by how good it is.

View the new Madden NFL Overdrive trailer:

Rebuilt from the ground up, Madden NFL Overdrive introduces real-time Player vs. Player (PvP) blitz, featuring fantasy scoring that allows players to rack up points and dominate opponents faster than ever. Players will need to use strategy, skill, and leverage unique tactics as they go head-to-head with rivals on the gridiron.


Madden looks and feels better than ever before on a mobile platform, thanks to a completely-new engine that unlocks the ability to deliver real-time physics, broadcast-style presentation and signature player animations.

By collecting Coaches and Captains, you can push your game into Overdrive, the lifeblood of Madden NFL Overdrive. The namesake feature enables you to unleash both offensive and defensive tactics during a game that will push your team over in the end zone while keeping the other at bay. Collecting Captains and Coaches also enables you to develop new strategic combinations that will help earn unique rewards, such as epic scoring bonuses.

Grab your cleats and get on the field in Madden NFL Overdrive today and you can get a free Terrell Owens player in one of four unique playstyles.

Source: Press Release