Fans May Finally Witness the Story of Rockstar Games

After years of topping the video game sales charts, Grand Theft Auto V will receive its own feature documentary. Production has already begun, helmed by Breaking Habits director Rob Ryan under UK production company Salon Habits.

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The new documentary is titled The Billion Dollar Game, which will be introduced to buyers at November’s American Film Market. Salon has already picked Annabel Wigoder and Nick Taussig to serve as producers. Meanwhile, Jan Pace and James Atherton of Quickfire Films will hop onboard as Executive producers, to be joined by Cora Palfrey from Independent. Viewers can expect a combination of archived Rockstar footage as well as new interviews with the figureheads behind the IP.


Historically, Rockstar Games has been very secretive in regards to their properties. Though they own one of the most popular names in video games, development isn’t the best-documented. As of the time of this writing, the company hasn’t revealed any additional information.

Salon habits and Rob Ryan were also behind the documentary Breaking Habits, which covered a convent of nuns who grew cannabis. Their natural progression led to a video game developer who grows money, it seems. Considering the overall scarcity of behind-the-scenes footage for Rockstar, it will be interesting to see how the production company tackles Grand Theft Auto V. Stay tuned for updates as they arrive.

SOURCE: ScreenDaily,