Until November, No Less

Kickstarter success story and slow cookin’ martial arts epic Shenmue 3 has been delayed one more time. Originally set for release this August, we’re now getting the game sometime in November. It looks like the creators want this one to have a little more time in the oven to make sure everything is just right.

shenmue 3 martial arts

According to the game’s creator Yu Suzuki, this delay is intended to give players “the true Shenmue experience.” Up to this point, everything we’ve seen so far has been pure Shenmue, for better and for worse. Will three more months be enough to make this game perfectly Shenmue?


You can read the whole dang message from Suzuki here, though I’ve not left out much. As always, it’s better to be late than lame, especially with video games. Maybe we’ll see some more details about the game at E3? You can check out our own coverage of the game here.


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Martial Arts Epic Shenmue 3 Delayed Yet Again