Looks Like Spider-Man Is Inviting Some Friends Over

It looks like Marvel and Insomniac aren’t totally done with 2018’s hit Spider-Man game just yet, which is great, because neither are the fans!

spider-man hero swing

At the end of Marvel Games’ #FantasticFourWeek (which I’m sure everyone was paying attention to because the Fantastic Four are so hot right now (also Marvel’s dedicated gaming Twitter is breaking news to me)), it was revealed that “something ‘fantastic’ is coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man!” Insomniac followed up the announcement with a sideways-glancing-eyes-emoji, which really just meant “Hey look at this retweet.”

Fans are naturally spinning a web of theories as to what the content could be, including one of the webhead’s first ever alt-costumes, a Fantastic Four suit with a paper bag on his head, or the white-and-black “Future Foundation” suit. Personally, I’m hoping for Galactus, who consumes the earth in a cutscene, and that’s it, and the game uninstalls itself after it happens. I think that would be the best ending to this game imaginable. It’s a joke, put the pitchforks down.


Spider-Man is currently available exclusively for PS4. Be sure to check out our review of the game’s most recent and final DLC installment, where it ranks on our Best Looking Games of 2018, and why the game would have originally been longer.

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