The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, action RPGs featuring huge casts of Marvel characters, have been delisted from digital distribution services suddenly and without warning from publisher Activision. 

A post on Reddit noticed the games missing today. There had been speculation about them getting delisted due to the frequency in which the two titles were appearing on sale. The games were on both PlayStation Network, Steam, and Xbox Live sales multiple times in the last two months, but Activision had not announced anything. Now, the game is missing from all three of those services.

The games were ported from previous generation consoles to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2016, two years from today. While people who own the game can still play it unimpeded, anyone who was hoping to get it in the future or came back from a Marvel movie looking for a game to play can’t look to this one any longer.

[Source: Reddit]


Judging by the sales and the fact that both games disappeared two years from the date of release, this likely isn’t coincidence. That’s fine, it’s understandable on some level that licenses don’t live forever, but the lack of warning was a bad move.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Games Delisted Without Notice