Unfortunately, This Avengers Gameplay Might Only Be Seen by Attendees

The Marvel’s Avengers game will be getting another gameplay showcase. This time it will be at San Diego Comic-Con next Thursday at 1:30 PM PT/4:30 PM ET, according to a recent announcement.


However, it currently isn’t confirmed if this showcase will be livestreamed or uploaded to YouTube. According to Gematsu, a press release for the event said that gameplay will only be shown to Comic-Con attendees.

A similar thing happened during E3 last month after the game was officially announced at Square Enix’s conference. After the reveal trailer was shown, members of the press were invited to see a gameplay demo. Some of that demo’s footage leaked online soon afterwards and, naturally, the footage was pretty low quality.

Hopefully, a gameplay video will be uploaded after this Comic-Con showcase. The upcoming Avengers game is launching next May and it’s already been criticized for the character designs of the main heroes along with not showing much gameplay at E3. Maybe this Comic-Con event can give the game the momentum it needs?


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