5 Incredible Distractions From the Main Story in Spider-Man

The hits just keep rolling for PlayStation 4 exclusives this year, with the latest being the monumentally successful Spider-Man. One of the most highly anticipated games of the year, Spider-Man has given players and comic fans the real Spidey experience everyone has been clamoring for since he first graced consoles so many years ago. With so much love and care put into each minute detail of the game, there is plenty to do beyond completing the story. Here are 5 wonderful distractions and other activities to do besides completing the story.

Spider-Man is the latest of an ever-growing list of blockbuster PlayStation 4 exclusives. The game follows Peter Parker after several years of being the web-slinger, his deeds and skills already established rather than making an origin story. The story reinvents some of the classic characters in new and interesting ways that makes the story familiar yet fresh. The game is set in a massive open-world setting of New York with stellar web-swinging controls, precise and fluid combat, and a host of side missions and collectibles to keep you busy. The game has received widespread acclaim from members of the industry, media, and fans alike.


Insomniac's Spider-Man

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