New and Exciting Dreams Announcement Dropping Tomorrow

There are 14 days left of 2018 and fans of the upcoming title Dreams have been waiting patiently to jump into the action with a beta. As it turns out all hope is not lost, as Media Molecules has just teased a brand new announcement is incoming tomorrow during a developer livestream.

Dreams Hero


Media Molecules first announced Dreams at E3 2015 and now over three years later they say fans are still set to get a chance to play the beta before the end of 2018. The developer released a tweet today about a Dreams stream for tomorrow, without much else in the way of an explanation. With only two weeks before 2018 is officially over it seems more than likely that this livestream will announce the release of the long-awaited beta. The livestream will be taking place 9AM PST/ 12PM EST tomorrow and is being referred to as a “totally normal Dreams stream.” You can check out the tweet below.

Though they might not have come outright and confirmed that the stream will be about the Dreams beta, it seems silly to assume it would be about anything else. With that said however, it would be awesome if they also revealed a release date for the full game as well. If tomorrow’s stream is indeed about the Dreams beta, it definitely wouldn’t come as a surprise if they released it during or following the stream. Of course, if it’s not out tomorrow, surely it will drop sometime in the coming days with the holidays mere days away.

Do you agree that the beta is likely set to drop either tomorrow or in the coming days? Are you pumped for their announcement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!