Soon, It Will No Longer Be a Dream

After eons of patience and high anticipation, fans will finally gain access to developer Media Molecule’s Dreams. The creative experience will soon enter beta, offering fans the chance to partake in a playground of creation as soon as tomorrow.


Announced earlier today in a livestream, Media Molecule will offer first access to those who’ve subscribed to the studio’s mailing list. The demo will be available tomorrow, December 19, while the general public can register, starting January 8th. Afterward, everyone has until January 21 to experience the creators mode demo. If you want to partake in the Dreams demo as early as possible, it’s not too late. PS4 owners have until tonight to subscribe to the mailing list.


From the makers of LittleBigPlanet, Dreams was announced as early as 2015. We’ve received small and dynamic snippets of gameplay since, including at Sony’s E3 2018 press conference. The word gameplay may be a misnomer, however, since the title is more about unlocked creativity. Each player will receive the same set of tools to build their own works of art, and what can essentially amount to one’s own game. A game within a game, as it were. Dreams will be the Inception of video games, only not so bland.

Unfortunately, the creative space still has no release date, but the demo announcement must imply that we’re close. Stay tuned for updates as we dive into 2019.

SOURCE: Polygon