A few days ago, Windows Central had let loose a bunch of details on an upcoming bundle for the Xbox One that would follow a similar plan to cellphone contracts. Users would sign-up for a monthly fee to get immediate access to an Xbox One S or X with Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. It was an enticing prospect, but not all of the details were made clear.

Microsoft has now pulled back the curtain on everything and the offer is starting to sound a bit more palatable. The reported fee of $21.99 a month for an S and $34.99 a month for an X was accurate, but there will be no upfront cost associated with either offer. You’ll simply pay the first month and walk out of the store with your new Xbox device. The offer is only available in the US through Microsoft stores for a limited time, so you’ll need to find your local one to take advantage of the deal.

Here are the bullet points Microsoft has listed:

Microsoft unveils full details on 'Xbox All Access' program screenshot

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Microsoft unveils full details on ‘Xbox All Access’ program