Matt Forbeck Working on Minecraft Dungeons Prequel Novel

Matt Forbeck has released a Minecraft Dungeons prequel novel that ties into the story of the game. The prequel novel already released on July 7th for the US and July 9th for the UK and it will likely get translated for other regions in the future. The novel is called “Rise of the Arch-Illager” and it ties into the backstory of the main antagonist from the Minecraft Dungeons game, taking place before the events of the game. Minecraft Dungeons is available for Xbox One and PC and it’s available as part of the extensive Game Pass lineup as well.

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“There’s a good reason why it’s a prequel. I didn’t want to just tell the story, because as a player you’re telling your own story and that’s half the fun of playing Minecraft Dungeons,” said Matt Forbeck. “If I tell that story in a novel it becomes the canon version, and nobody wants to be told they’re playing the game wrong. So instead, one of the best things you can do is to give more context to the game you’re going to be playing, right? To give you more reasons to care about what you’re doing. In a prequel I can show who you’re fighting against, why he’s a bad guy, and why the world is as it is; stuff that’s only given a few seconds in a cutscene.”


“I used the trailer for the game! That was the blueprint for the entire novel,” continued Matt Forbeck. “It sounds challenging, but the trailer gave me a framework to work with, and a lot of the emotional high points. As long as I hit those points I knew where I was going and where I needed to be.”

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Minecraft Dungeons Prequel Novel Coming Soon

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