MLB The Show 19 Breaks a Longstanding Baseball Record

According to NPD analyst Mat Piscatella, MLB The Show 19 has officially succeeded MVP Baseball as the best selling baseball game in US history. The record is based on full dollar sales of The Show 19 versus MVP Baseball which originally released in March 2004. This record breaking baseball game is available exclusively for PS4 right now, while The Show 20 has been announced for March. The upcoming release of the sequel to the latest MLB The Show title gave MLB The Show 19 a narrow window to break this best selling record as it slid into home plate.

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Mat Piscatella claimed the following on Twitter: “US NPD SW – MLB The Show 19 is now the best-selling baseball genre game in U.S. history.  Lifetime full-game dollar sales of MLB The Show 19 have now surpassed those of MVP Baseball 2004, which originally released in March 2004.” Alongside his statement was an image that included the same information with a cropped photo of the cover art of the game.


Considering MLB The Show 19 was a free PlayStation Plus title recently, it’s surprising that the game didn’t break the record beforehand. This makes us think that many gamers didn’t get in on the freebie in October but still wanted to emulate their favorite MLB rivalries in the latest title. Now that this MLB title broke such a longstanding record, we’re curious to see how well MLB The Show 20 does when it launches in March.


Although this baseball record breaking moment for MLB The Show 19 should be applauded, future installments in the series will be multiplatform even though the previous few have been exclusive to the PlayStation 4. This makes it a strong possibility that when the title becomes available on other platforms, the same record will be shattered again.

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Source: Gaming Bolt

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MLB The Show 19 Is the Best Selling Baseball Game