The Monster Hunter World Twitter Announced PC Version Details Are Inbound

Just announced on their Twitter page, Monster Hunter World will be uncovering lots of information about the game’s PC release, including its release date, what platforms it will be distributed on, and the minimum PC specs.

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After the initial release date back in January, Monster Hunter World has taken the world by storm, and has been getting continuous updates and events to keep its playerbase happy, and to keep the game fresh.


However, players around the world have been longing for a PC release, and it seems that we’ll soon be getting information on just that!

Next Monday (July 9th) at 9am PT, or 5pm BST, Monster Hunter World will be announcing lots of new details for the PC port of game, such as when the game will be released, where it wil lbe distributed on (such as Steam/Origin/ etc.) and what the minimum requirements to play the game on PC will be.

If you haven’t played it yet, feel free to check out our review of the game! Our reviewer gave it a very positive review, giving it an 88 out of 100, and saying:

Monster Hunter: World is an experience that can last players for a long time. With strong gameplay, a decent narrative, and a great aesthetic, Monster Hunter: World is one of the best entries in a series now accessible to many more players.”

Monster Hunter World was a huge success on launch, managing to sell an estimate of 2.45 million units in the first week alone on consoles. It also has regular updates to keep the game fresh, such as the upcoming crossover with Final Fantasy XIV.

Will you be buying the game on PC? Let us know!