If the Monsters Weren’t Spooky Enough…

Monster Hunter: World is moving forward with its free seasonal content updates. The new Autumn Harvest Fest follows the spirit of Halloween and brings a new set of rewards for the hunter with a fashion sense.

Monster Hunter World

The Gathering Hub will receive its new, fiendish decorations on October 4th. Players can look forward to pumpkin Palicos, spooky platters, and new seasonal opportunities. Like the best events, this Halloween craze comes with new rewards for monster slayers new and old. You can look forward to new weapons, costumes, and items. Not to mention the return of fan-favorite monster runs.


During the festivities, players can embark on two quests to acquire the latest items. Quests will come in the form of “Gold Star Treatment” and “Blazing Azure Stars,” both a collaboration with Universal Studios Japan, which reward the items necessary to craft the Azure Star Blade long sword, Azure Star Palico armor set, and Azure Starlordα armor set.

Then we have “Where Sun Meets Moon,” which rewards two fluffy dual blades. The blades are inspired by the Downy Crakes, so you can sate your morbid desire to beat monsters over the head with innocent critters. We also witness the return of “A Royal Pain,” which offers the Mosswine Mask and Faux Felyne armor pieces.

In addition, console players who log in on October 4th (PS4 and Xbox One owners only), you’ll note the return of nearly every event quest the game has witnessed thus far. That includes the Kulve Taroth siege. If there’s anything you missed, like the Extreme Behemoth or Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon, Monster Hunter: World‘s Autumn Harvest Fest may be the perfect time to get started or jump back in. The festivities will end two weeks after they begin on October 4th.

SOURCE: Capcom