From now until July 26, you can take part in Monster Hunter: World’s second festival, the Summer Twilight Festival. In addition to a more celebratory hub, time-limited armor sets, and a return to every timed quest.

If you missed, for example, the Devil May Cry armor set or the Horizon palico armor, those quests are now back for your hunter to grind through. It also means high-difficulty monsters like Tempered Deviljho are freely available for you to take on at any time.

This is a good time to get back into Monster Hunter: World if you’re a lapsed player who missed a lot of the free content since release. Shortly after the festival ends, the Final Fantasy crossover begins in earnest with a Behemoth becoming a huntable monster along with a host of other winks and nods. The PC version will miss out on the Twilight Festival due to its August 9 release, but should be able to take part in an inevitable winter festival or the flower festival next spring.

In other Monster Hunter news, Capcom also announced an animated series in production for 2019.

Monster Hunter: World’s Summer Twilight Festival Is Live