The leaves are turning brown and Capcom’s most successful title of all-time, Monster Hunter: World, is seeing in the new season with a bang, hosting a new in-game event to encourage players in their exploratory, hack ‘n’ slashing ways.

Starting September 21, the Autumn Harvest Fest will bring with it a host of new content for hunters everywhere. Similar to previous seasonal events, Autumn Harvest Fest will bring back previous quests and bounties for those who may have missed them, as well as adding all-new adventures.

Login bonuses will be in full effect, as will spooky decorations and fireworks for the Celestial Pursuit. Players will also have the opportunity to earn the cool-looking “Mischievous Dress” for your handler and the “Poogie’s Pumpkin Revenge” outfit for your Palico sidekick. You can check out images of this Autumnal gear in the gallery below.

Monster Hunter: World is available now on PS4, PC and Xbox One.

Autumn Harvest Fest coming to Monster Hunter: World [Official]

Monster Hunter: World's upcoming Autumn event brings new content screenshot

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Monster Hunter: World’s upcoming Autumn event brings new content