12 Minutes of Moons of Madness Gameplay

There has been a trend in horror lately of going back to the basics and getting away from the gorefest, buckets of blood, and hyper-sexualized murdered. What people want out of their terror is a focused narrative. A sense of the creeping darkness, the horror that is unseen yet breathing softly on your neck. Who better to base this kind of horror on than the master of the dark unknown, H.P. Lovecraft? Moons of Madness takes the classic Eldritch horror and forces it into a twisted new entity in the setting of space, borrowing from some of the films iconic titles such as the Alien franchise or Event Horizon to create something truly dreadful. Does that pique your interest? Well, we have 12 minutes of gameplay footage here sure to tantalize, frighten, and set your imagination aflame. Enjoy.


Moons of Madness combines Lovecraftian horror with the setting of exploring Mars. Scientists have received a signal from the red planet and they don’t know what it is. Sent on a secret mission to keep the research station powered, you are left in the dark as to what the true purpose of the station is until things start to go wrong. As you can see in the footage, players should expect a classic first-person return-to-form in full Lovecraftian horror. For those unfamiliar with the term, that means spotting something out of the corner of your eye, terror lurking in the darkness, creatures of such an unimaginable scope the human mind cannot comprehend them and is rendered lost to madness, – and of course – creatures with far too many limbs.

Moons of Madness

Expect to see Moons of Madness launch on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 31 this year. For more information, check out the game’s official website.