Even Has The Authority Corrupted By Evil

As much fun as it’s been watching gobs of gameplay footage, Anthem is a Bioware game. That means the story will be a pretty heavy hitter, right? The latest Anthem story trailer shows off just what sort of writing chops the team will be bringing next Spring. So far it looks… pretty cool? Sweeping storms of alien evil, corrupted authority figures, blatant displays of camaraderie, all that good stuff.

Anthem story trailer

Like always, the trailer is embedded below. The question remains, will Bioware be able to pull off the balance between multiplayer and actual story we all want? Actually, forget that. Will they be able to tell any kind of story in the face of the crushing wave of online multiplayer tropes? If anyone can maybe make it work, it’ll be Bioware. Anthem comes out for all the systems next Spring.