The Spectre Returns

Spectre is making a comeback in Black Ops 4. It was a specialist that debuted in Black Ops 3, but is now uncharacteristically making a big entrance. The newest bit of content Operation Spectre Rising begins in a matter of hours. Obviously, it features the latest Black Ops 4 specialist Spectre, as well as a host of other content additions. The official Call of Duty YouTube channel released a trailer for this event earlier today. Spectre is made to take center stage, but honestly, the other features look pretty darn cool, too.

Black Ops 4 Specialist spectre

If you are not familiar with Spectre, they make use of stealth and close combat. In the trailer, they strike down multiple enemies in quick succession using a katana. Their face is completely covered, so their identity is a complete mystery. They are basically a tech-y ninja. There are a few new maps added to multiplayer; Artifact, Masquerade, and WMD from the original Black Ops. There also appears to be a change to the Blackout map called Wetworks. A quick cinematic shows the dam at the North end of the map armed with explosives and then torn down, flooding the rest of the map. A lot of the lower altitude areas are now flooded, making the boat vehicles more useful.

The breaching of the dam also affects the boat loaded with shipping containers. It has capsized and the area now allows for more underwater combat. There are also new characters to play as in Blackout. All this begins in a matter of hours on April 30th.

What is your most anticipated feature of this Operation? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: YouTube