The Makers of Quantum Break Bring Their AAA Game

A few months after hitting us with a hard dose of their surreal game, Remedy is back with a lengthy look at Control. It’s their latest and first project after many years working exclusively with Xbox. And it looks stunning.

control top

If you missed PlayStation’s E3 2018 trailerControl is a new IP from 505 Games and the makers of Quantum Break. It’s a third-person, story-driven title with compelling graphics and special game mechanics – It’s a technical marvel bolstered by riveting action sequences. As the game starts, we’re introduced to the Federal Bureau of Control, which inhabits a windowless skyscraper. Presumably, this is where most (if not all) of the game takes place. Players control (no pun intended) Jesse Faden, the new director for the bureau. Remedy dev Vida Staercevic explains that the building has been taken over by “the Hiss,” a supernatural entity that can possess people. Armed with a special pistol and psychic powers, Jesse must cleanse the skyscraper of the entity.


In addition to new info on story beats, we learned a little bit about combat. Instead of your typical weapon loadouts, players rely on the pistol and its many forms; it fires like a shotgun at a few intervals and can adjust to fire several ammunition types. Then there are the psychic abilities, which are varied and powerful but require cooldown periods. We get to see both, the weapon and telekinesis, used creatively in an all-new boss battle.

Now that we’ve had a meaty look at gameplay, what are your thoughts on Control? Are you excited for the new project by Remedy? Let us know in the comments below. As of yet, the game has no release date. Stay tuned for updates.

SOURCE: ResetEra