There’s no shortage of Overwatch merchandise out there, so regardless of who your favorite character is, you can probably find something in their image for you to wear or display proudly. That’s especially true today if you’re a D.Va fan, with Blizzard releasing a new animated short for her, and a new Figma figure getting announced as well.

The figure was announced at the Overwatch Fan Festival in Seoul today and comes complete with the same hat D.Va wears in the short released today.

As the tweet from collectible store GoodSmile mentions, preorders for the figure go live on August 30, so you have about a week to decide whether or not you’re going to want it. Figmas are notable for being extremely posable, so you can create all your most heated Overwatch battle moments here…assuming you don’t need the mech, at least.

Overwatch is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and is currently enjoying a free week on the Xbox One version.

New D.Va Figma Stands Tall And Nerf-Free