Don’t Call It a Comeback

The long dormant Def Jam fighting game series may or may not be making a comeback as the recording label the series is named for has been posting tweets hinting at a potential revival.

As you can see, the first tweet asks fans who they would like to see on the cover of a new franchise entry, and followed it up asking fans which location they’d like to see the game set in.

The AKI Corporation, the developer behind the original Def Jam games, has re-branded to Syn Sophia and is now primarily producing the Pretty Rhythm and Style Savvy franchises for the 3DS. The most recent entry in the series, Icon, was developed by EA Chicago which has been defunct since November 2007, seven months after the game’s release.

The series is somewhat of a cult classic and Vendetta has made quite a few Backwards Compatibility Wishlists for Xbox One.

Def Jam Fight For NY


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SOURCE: Twitter