Giving off Some Strong Halo Vibes

The classic Doom games are a lot of running and shooting because demons, but for a franchise to survive in this day and age, you kind of need a bit more to go on. The follow-up to 2016’s Doom is coming out soon and we have a new Doom Eternal trailer to show us what is at stake and what the Doom Slayer is fighting for. Well, it’s basically Halo, but with demons instead of aliens. Think about it; guy in green armour fights to single-handedly save humanity from an ancient race who sees humans as a stepping stone on a universal conquest.

Doom Eternal Trailer

The trailer starts with views of Earth being covered in demonic markings and the sounds of a SOS transmission of people being killed. High above Earth, a human spaceship carries Doom Slayer to save the world. You can hear someone speaking about Doom Slayer is basically the only person who can beat the demons. Using some special machinery, the humans open up a portal and Doom Slayer jumps through. A female demon speaks of their long history of sacrificing other races to survive and humans are just the next in line to be sacrificed. Then comes a lot of gameplay where Doom Slayer does his thing shooting up demons and running real fast.

The trailer also reveals a supposedly cool moment in the game where Doom Slayer picks up a demon sword in a sword-in-the-stone type fashion, so we have that to work towards. Doom Eternal will be out on March 20th on PC, Stadia, Xbox One, and PS4. Don’t forget to check out the pre-order and special edition bonuses.

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New Doom Eternal Trailer Explains Story and Doom Slayer’s Role