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Megacrit’s roguelike deck-building game Slay the Spire has been in Steam Early Access for a while now, but today it’s officially out. Before its release, it built up its own devoted following, which includes our own Dan Tack and Leo Vader. The pair share why it’s so great in this episode of NGT.

Slay the Spire gets right to the action, with very little in the way of story setup. That’s for the best, as it turns out. There’s a spire! Get in there and… slay it. That’s about all you need to know. Your motivations may be simple, but the gameplay isn’t. There are loads of cards to unlock and add to the pool, and players are encouraged to come up with their own weird and unique builds – while remaining flexible to the whims of the RNG gods.

In addition to today’s PC release, the game is coming to Switch later this year.

New Gameplay Today – Slay The Spire