Nintendo has announced a new update to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which adds some Zelda content from Link’s latest adventure to his Mario Kart races. From the patch notes for today’s update, version 1.6.0:

  • New character added: Link (Champion’s Tunic)
  • New vehicle added: Master Cycle Zero
  • New tires added: Ancient Tires
  • New glider added: Paraglider

The content here comes from Breath of the Wild. Link’s blue Champion Outfit is as close to a canon outfit as you can get in a game that lets you change clothes on the fly. The Master Cycle, introduced in the Champion of the Ballads DLC, is Link’s motorcycle, making a natural fit for the Mario Kart series. The paraglider is the item Link gets that lets him escape the plateau at the beginning of the game and traverse high peaks and low valleys.

The update comes out of nowhere, though Nintendo’s software head Shinya Takahashi hinted last week that further Mario Kart 8 updates would be coming soon. Hopefully there are more updates on the way, though this is definitely pretty neat.

New Mario Kart 8 Update Adds Breath Of The Wild Content