64 Player Chaos

The new 64 player PUBG map is now available on the test server for fans to try out. The map itself takes players to a small remote island in North Africa. Karain is a smaller map than the others that are offered but that should be expected due to the smaller player count. It is going to play somewhat similar to the other islands in the game. There are going to be plenty of wide-open areas where you’ll have to be mindful of being picked off. But of course, there is still going to be small towns and villages if you prefer to fight in the streets. There is a little bit of something for everyone.

PUBG Clans

What sets Karain from the rest is a new feature called “Black Zones.” These areas are going to act very similarly to the red zone missile strikes. However, in Karain the map is going to be physically changed by each strike. This is going to make the random bombings much deadlier than before. Hiding in buildings might not cut it anymore as these missiles will level towns and other forms of cover. If you do make it the late game, chances are that you will be fighting over a bombed-out wasteland rather than an intact paradise.

Breach points are also going to be making their debut on Karain. Across the map, there are going to be predetermined locations that can be destroyed with the new sticky bombs that are only found on this new map. You will be able to blow up barricades or punch holes through walls to get the edge on other players. Karain is going to be one of the most unique experiences to date of PUBG.


Make sure you are able to get your feet wet before Season 6 goes live.




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New PUBG Season 6 Map Is Now Available On Test Server