New Reality TV eSports Competition Show: Let’s Go Player 1

Hiventure Media, which is based in Luxembourg, announced the launch of a new reality TV show Let’s Go Player 1. This seems to follow the new trend of creating reality TV shows to introduce mainstream audiences to the genre of eSports. Let’s Go Player 1 will pit fifteen hardcore video gamers against each other for prizes and a contract on a professional team.

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The competition starts with 240 candidates, who qualified through an online challenge. They then compete in three day long tournaments and the 15 highest ranked players are selected to move on. Over the next three months, the remaining fifteen players will live and train together. In each episode, players will be eliminated until only 5 players remain. The five remaining players will have earned their spot on a professional eSports team. But the show will not end their. Subsequent seasons will follow the team as they battle against other professionals in the international scene.


Part of the motivation for the new series is to help elevate eSports to the level of acceptance that traditional sports teams receive in media. Thomas Sanne, Director of Hiventure Media, stated: “We are excited to announce a new paradigm in bridging the gap between mainstream channels and the exhilarating world of esports. We are strong believers there are many benefits to be gained for all those involved. On one side, we put a generation back in touch with a format they appear to have lost touch with and on the other we legitimize eSports and videogames in general, redeeming them in the eyes of the mainstream to overcome their stigma.”

The pilot will begin filming early autumn this year in Luxembourg by Hiventure Media. Hiventure Media is known for producing digital content for the millennial gamer. They focus on content that makes a social impact. They currently have a movie, Savage Youth streaming on Prime and a game, Blaze Revolutions, available on Steam. Do you plan to watch? Would you apply to be on a Reality TV show for gamers? Tell us in the comments below.