We Also See a Familiar and Terrifying Mutant

Alongside the host of gifts from this year’s Gamescom, the YouTube Channel for Japanese publication Dengeki Online has uploaded a new Resident Evil 2 video starring Claire Redfield.

The video offers four minutes of top-notch suspense and action, where we see the full power of the RE Engine on display. It starts with Claire’s exploration of the Racoon City police station, where she finds an innocent bystander. What follows is something akin to a boss battle, if you count the number of bullets and explosives involved. Fans of the original game will recognize the mutant encounter, while newcomers will find themselves no less horrified. You may note how the layout of the location brings about a sense of claustrophobia, which may be prevalent throughout the gameplay.


This is also our first look at some of the weapons players can handle in Resident Evil 2.

Claire Redfield’s story is just one of two playable campaigns in the Resident Evil 2 remake, the other belonging to Leon. You can play either on January 25th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Speaking of PC, Nvidia decided to upload their own footage of the game in 4K running at 60 frames per second (available below). In case you’re searching for more relevant info dumps from Capcom, you can discover July’s Comic-Con and collector’s edition details here.

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Eurogamer