Prepare to Dive in the Latest Sea of Thieves Event

Swashbucklers on Xbox have a new event to attend to over the next two weeks as a The Sunken Curse kicks off in the latest update for Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Sunken Curse

In The Sunken Curse, players will have to scavenge the ocean depths in an effort to find a series of mermaid statues harboring cursed and ancient magic. Not all statues are cursed but they all do regenerate health, meaning players will have to use something with a bit more bang to destroy some of them. Players can also find treasures on the seabed including chests, skulls, and artifacts.

There’s also a heavy focus on The Bilge Rats in this event, with a series of cosmetics being added to the faction’s shop, along with three unique titles and 150 Bilge Rat dubloons up for grabs for completing event-related commendations. Also, all players will receive a new Bilge Rat flag in their inventory.

The event starts today, July 11th, and runs until July 25th, so get diving and shore up those dubloons. A plethora of other fixes and adjustments have been made to the game and can be found in the update’s patch notes here.

Sea of Thieves is currently available exclusively for Xbox One , and is part of the platform’s Game Pass subscription service. Expect much more content from the developer in the future as two new expansions were revealed at E3 and Rare recently revealed that there’s three more unannounced content updates in the works.


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New Sea of Thieves Event Begins Today