Welcome to the Jungle Baby 

The next chapter of Battlefield 5‘s Pacific theatre has just been announced. Next week players will be duking it out in the jungles of the Solomon Islands. From what we can see from the new trailer, this map is going to focus heavily on a jungle style map. Somewhat of a nod to Dice’s ancient Battlefield Vietnam title, this map is going to put players on edge.

Battlefield 5

Players will be getting access to more than just a new shiny map. New cosmetic unlocks and weapons will be added in addition. The Japanese Type 11 MG will soon be debuting in the Battlefield series, the well known American M2 Carbine will also be making an appearance. New gadgets are also going to be added. The Bazooka and lunge mine are going to be arriving in Battlefield 5. The Bazooka is recognized by many WWII buffs however, the lunge mine is a less known weapon of the war. To put it simply, it is an anti-tank mine tied to the end of a long pole. The user then charges the tank with the mine and trusts it against the side of the vehicle, causing massive amounts of damage. We’re definitely going to be seeing this used a lot.

Soloman Islands will feature the infamous Breakthrough game mode as well as some of the classics. Modes like conquest, team deathmatch, and squad deathmatch will all be playable. The Breakthrough game mode will feature the Americans trying to successfully pull off a daring amphibious invasion while the Japanese will be tasked with stubbornly defending the islands. Something that history fans should appreciate.


Battlefield 5 has certainly not lived up to most expectations but the Pacific expansion has done a good job of recapturing the attention of the community.



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New Solomon Island Map Heads to Battlefield 5 Next Week