The Sinister Six Get Additional Company

We are less than two months from the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man on the PS4, and there’s still a lot more to see. If you’re ready for an introduction to yet another in-game villain, look no further. Straight out of Comic-Con, a brand-new story trailer offers an additional glimpse at allies an enemies. Warning: the graphics look amazing.

Comic-Con has delivered our first look at Silver Sable, a relatively obscure villain from the Spideyverse. Prior to this reveal, the E3 2018 trailer had given us a glimpse at a total of five villains, with a sixth teased (Sinister Six). Thus, it’s safe to say the game includes a variety of in-game enemies straight out of the Spider-Man rogues’ gallery. The question now is, who’s next? Will we see Green Goblin or, potentially, additional superhero cameos?

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The internet has been abuzz with even more Spider-Man news in the form of the exclusive PlayStation 4 Pro that was revealed yesterday. This, in conjunction with the latest reveal, has only stirred the hype levels of fandom, and, potentially, some head-scratching? You’ll note that the Mary Jane in this trailer has had her face altered from the first trailer in which she made her debut. If you have any idea as to why that happened, feel free to comment your answer down below.