Most Custom Quests Help Farm Experience and Cash

The rumour circling prior to E3 about a possible Story Creator mode unveiling was proven correct. The mode allows users to craft their own adventures and offers a massive 157-page manual to help accomplish this. The tools allow for players to huge their imagination and create epic stories, tricky obstacles or epic battles. Additionally, the new function gives players the opportunity to create farming quests.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is definitely not a difficult game already to level up. Players receive thousands of experience for completing even the most mundane and simple tasks. Some quests even run parallel to main storylines, allowing for players to double up on experience for completing a single objective. Impressively, the game is now even easier to level up in, which is really saying something.

Activating Story Creator and loading the game displays numerous blue markers, each indicating a custom quest. The vast majority of these quests grant easy opportunities to ascertain additional cash and experience. Of course, there are some custom quests that are intriguing stories or obstacles.

It is unlikely this feature will remain active for very long because Ubisoft continues to sell money and XP boosts in their shop. The easy farming feature of Story Creator renders this redundant.

What do you think of Story Creator mode? Do you have any great ideas for custom quests? Let us know in the comments section below!