And Almost Nothing Else

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT recently went free-to-play,. in an effort to draw in new players to a struggling game. This is a sensible move, as people can get a chance to decide if they’re into it before diving into the premium version. The newest crazy expensive DLC suggests they’re looking to recoup profits elsewhere, however.

‘3rd Appearance Special Set for Terra and Kefka’ is the content drop in question. It contains two costumes in three different colors, one weapon for each character, and a small selection of chat messages. The current price is set at $25.49 CAD (about 20 american dollars). If that seems high, that’s because it absolutely is.


Previous DLC releases were a lot more reasonable. Perhaps this was due to the base game costing actual money. Maybe those were just the good old days. Whatever the reason, Square Enix has decided that extra content for Dissidia NT is now going the crazy expensive route. All of this is purely optional of course, but it still feels rather insulting. It’s almost as bad as the exorbitant prices they charge for playing their oldest games on mobile platforms. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available right now on PS4 and the PC.