Niantic Hasn’t Given Up On Ingress

Most players know Niantic for resurrecting Pokemania back in 2016 with Pokemon GO, but before that it created a game called Ingress, an AR game with a sci-fi backstory and running narrative. Today, Niantic announced that the AR title would be receiving an anime adaptation on Netflix.

Ingress The Animation-min

Speaking with Variety, Niantic founder John Hanke made the announcement and revealed that the series would be created by animation studio Crafter, and directed by Yuhei Sakuragi, a CG animator whose worked on the 009 Re:Cyborg movie, and the popular Tiger & Bunny series. Character design will be handled by art director Takeshi Honda, most know for his work on the iconic Neon Genesis Evangelion series.

Ingress: The Animation will focus on two characters affected by the game’s “exotic matter,” which has been dripping into our world through mysterious portals and granting some people mental abilities. Makoto has the ability to see an object’s history just by touching it, and Sarah is able to see different aspects of time and space themselves.

The show will be used as a way to introduce Ingress: Prime, a “sequel” to the AR game that is a “rework of ‘Ingress’ built on the lessons learned from Pokemon GO.” Both are slated to launch this October.

In the meantime, Niantic is going hard on Pokemon GO, with tomorrow’s Community Day revolving around Squirtle, alongside a handful of international events over the summer. Also, Netflix’s Castlevania series is making its return this October as well.


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Niantic Announces Ingress: The Animation With Netflix