The Old ‘Nuke It From Orbit’ Defense

It seems like a certain level of fame attracts an incredible amount of scandal, rumor and hearsay. Tabloids and their 21st century equivalent, the internet, end up awash with candid shots of you and whoever you’ve been seen speaking to as concrete evidence that trouble is brewing in your mighty house. Twitch streamer Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has taken some severe measures to keep cheating rumors from circling about him.

Ninja Twitch cheating rumors

According to Blevins, he absolutely never streams with women. Doing so could lead to rumors spreading about him cheating on his wife, which he refuses to put her through. Even a single somewhat flirty conversation can be extracted and “put on every single video and be clickbait forever.” For Blevins, the risk simply isn’t worth it.


On the one hand, that kind of devotion to marital harmony is admirable. On the other hand, measures that extreme seem almost unhealthy. When it comes to Twitch streamers though, fans aren’t shy about rampant speculation. This zero tolerance policy is allegedly all Ninja’s idea. His wife didn’t push him into this decision whatsoever. Again, it feels half endearing and half excessive. Whether you feel it’s justified, Ninja’s extreme measures against rumors are working so far.