Nintendo Is Taking Indie Games Pretty Seriously

Switch owners should expect more indie games on the platform in the near future, according to a recent investor Q&A that was being answered by a group of Nintendo executives.

“Some of the indie games already released have gone on to become million sellers worldwide,” said Nintendo senior executive officer Susumu Tanaka, after the group was asked about how indie games fit in their future business strategy. “In the future, we are looking to release around 20 to 30 indie games on Nintendo Switch per week, and we definitely expect to see some great games among them.”

While noting how successful the company’s first-party titles have been, Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima added that is is “very important” for them to continue to grow their business.

Limbo and Inside

Kimishima also said that they were creating a more development & publisher friendly environment in order to get more games on the Switch. This effort has “resulted in a large number of people playing an array of indie games” on the handheld console.

The company’s support for the Unity engine (which is popular with indie developers) has resulted in nearly 1,500 Unity games being developed for their platforms, according to Kimishima.


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