Participate In The Culture, Nintendo

Sounds like Nintendo employees need to get outside more as the company has filed a patent for a case based on their classic Game Boy handheld console, which has already been around basically since the dawn of smartphones.

Nintendo Game Boy Case

Originally reported by Siliconera, a simple Google or Amazon search would have shown the company that unofficial designs have been making the rounds for aeons, but seeing as Nintendo only recently figured out how to use the internet properly, it’s not too shocking that this patent is being filed so late in the game. Of course, if they had been as vigilant in releasing this case themselves as they are in shutting down fan projects or nuking the emulator community, they could have been securing capital on this for years.

Naturally, speculation has already begun swirling as to how Nintendo will use this to gobble up more of your hard earned dollars, as the patent explicitly states that it’s a “cover” with an area for players to see the game they’re playing on screen and control it using the case’s buttons. Personally, I would love to see the look on their face when they find out anyone with remote interest in this product has already bought one ages ago to use with the Game Boy emulator on their phone. In the meantime, the company is selling cardboard for the Switch at $80 a pop.