Surprises Like Game Releases

It’s another Nintendo Direct! Sort of. Maybe it’s more like a Nindies stream. Today’s Nintendo Indie Highlights video was a delightful mish-mash of release dates, new footage and surprise releases. Two games are hitting the eShop like, today. The full video is below, but let’s take a moment and go over the highlights of the highlights.


Night Call is coming next Spring, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom is dropping this November, along with Windjammers in October. There’s also Everspace, Streets of Rogue and Baba Is You coming later this year. Children of Morta, Slay The Spire and Terraria are hitting the Switch in 2019. There’s even a couple of games coming out today!


Bad North and Morphie’s Law are hitting the Nintendo Switch by tonight. Bad North is a real-time tactics game that looks cute but utterly savage. You control a tiny army defending itself against hordes of Viking invaders. Morphie’s Law is a team-based shooter wherein the damage you inflict adds mass to your own body. The better you’re doing, the bigger you get. Both games seem like excellent fits for the Nintendo Switch in their own ways.



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Nintendo Indie Highlights Full of Surprises