Nintendo Switch Has Already Outsold the Playstation Vita in Japan

Since the Nintendo Switch was released last March it has continued to gain popularity amongst the gaming community and developers alike. Now, it seems it has already sold more units than the PlayStation Vita in Japan!

switch vs playstation vita


To some this may seem like just a small victory, however after just about 7 full years on the market the PS Vita has sold 5,955,448 units. In less than two years the Nintendo Switch has blasted its way past these numbers with over a whopping 6 million units sold in Japan alone! The data comes from Media Crate who released its latest report on the Japanese video game. According to the data the Nintendo Switch sold another 281,222 units in Japan, bringing its entire lifetime sales in the country up to 6,112,100.

Currently it’s estimated that the PS Vita sold approximately 16 million units, a number which the Nintendo Switch stomped all over earlier this year. Despite any longevity to the PS Vita and its relative failure to make its desired splash on the market, it sold decently well in Japan. In fact, one third of its entire sales came from Japan alone. Because of this, the fact that the Switch passed the system’s sales numbers so quickly and in an environment that has increasingly strayed awaay from console gaming since the PS Vita launched in 2011, this is definitely impressive.

With that said, if sales continue to go as they have the Switch is set to double, or even lap the PlayStation Vita’s sales numbers in Japan a few times over. What do you think? Are these numbers in Japan impressive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!