No Man’s Sky Director Sean Murray Says the Gaming Press (Mostly) Isn’t What It Used To Be

No Man’s Sky lead director & Hello Games founder Sean Murray criticized modern gaming journalism for being too focused on negativity during a recent UK game developers conference.

No Man's Sky

After No Man’s Sky’s controversial 2016 launch, Hello Games decided to not talk to the press for two years while it tried to fix the game’s issues. According to, Murray reportedly said at the conference on Tuesday that he was fine with this decision because he doesn’t enjoy speaking to the press and isn’t “particularly good at it”.

“I think the reason for not talking to the press was, a bunch of the press when I was growing up was kind of the [hub] of the community,” Murray also said. “What they wrote, I would read, and as a kid I would think those things — I would just be led by what that journalist had said, and that would play a huge part in my ability to critique games and think about how games are made.”

“That would lead my thought process, and tell me how to feel about development, and how to feel about games,” Murray continued. “I don’t think that happens as much now. I think that the problem with what we see on front pages being led by what we click on means that naturally you tend to read what the most people clicked… which means the press is naturally downstream from the community.”

No Man's Sky

Additionally, Murray mentioned that while there were a few positive No Man’s Sky news articles at the time of its launch, those articles “just don’t do as well — and that’s a problem.”

This view of the press is what lead to Hello Games engaging more with the game’s community instead of the media, reported


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